About BudgerigarHealth.com and Bird Vet Dr Ross Perry

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What’s coming? BudgerigarHealth.com is becoming the best site about budgie health and diseases, as well as choosing budgies, buying budgies, bird cages for budgies, bird food for budgies, budgie behavior, bird toys for budgies, choosing a mate for your budgie, quarantining budgies, taming budgies, mite and lice treatment, worming budgies, sick bird look, fluffed up budgies, vomiting budgies, respiratory diseases, sneezing budgies, budgies with laboured breathing, leg weakness, clenched feet,leg bands,perches, poisonous plants, pododermatitis, wing clipping, escaped budgies, pet budgies, talking budgies, teaching budgies to talk, budgie health checks and much more.

Did you know budgies can be calmed and put into a trance like state? You can watch Dr Perry calm a budgie in this short video clip and watch a much longer clip elsewhere in www.budgerigarhealth.com.

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There is much to learn about Budgerigar Health and Diseases that you will discover here at BudgerigarHealth.com and even more that you will find in the new textbook on Budgerigar Health and Diseases by Dr Ross Perry that will soon be completed for bird vets and budgie fanciers around the world.

Some of the topics that Dr Ross Perry will cover include Cancer and various types of cancer in budgies, heavy metal poisoning including lead poisoning and zinc poisoning of budgies, galvanised wire poisoning, viral infections and diseases such as Psittacine Beak Feather Disease PBFD and PBFDcircovirus, bacterial infections such as coliform infections, staph infections, strep infections and pasteurellosis.

Psittacosis is the human name for a zoonotic disease that is associated with bacteria known as Chlamydophila or  Chlamydia that also infect some budgerigars and other birds.

Information about budgie health and diseases will also include fungal diseases such as candidiasis and thrush, aspergillosis, Macrorhabdus (commonly known as Megabacteria and Megabacteria associated disease), protozoan associated diseases such as Canker or Trichomoniasis, Coccidiosis, various parasite associated diseases such as infestations with roundworms, capillaria and tapeworms, Scaly face mite/scaly leg mite (Cnemidocoptes) feather mites, red mites and lice.

BudgerigarHealth.com will also address budgerigar health and diseases issues such as injuries, broken legs, broken wings, fight injuries, cat bites, diseases of the crop, ascites, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies and  a variety of poisons and other health hazards for budgies.

Dr Ross Perry will also discuss aspects of treating sick budgies with pharmaceutical drugs and helping to support their health and well-being by various holistic means.

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